Tuesday 10 January 2012

Emily Eden

Today I have had a rather wonderful time in the recording studio. The guys "My Producers" Went out to get yet more fantastic and fabulous equipment for the studio. While I kept the fabulous Dj Troy company and making tea.. Troy popped out to go and get his friend who was due in to lay some vox down in the studio. Her name is Emily Eden. I made emily and her friend a cup of tea also and kept the "girls" entertained until the guys where back in the studio. I went to sit in on the studio session and my god can Emily "Sing" She has the most amazing and fabulous voice! She does lots of acting and al sorts. A really nice and genuine girl! Had to write a quick blog about how fab she was. What a fun day in the studio today! Now about to make my way down to The Stag in Victoria for a quick bit of Karaoke and camp!